Vision & Mission

Changing the industry

We have built smablo to change the way people think about hardware and software development. Building hardware is difficult. To start, you need an investment in tools, people, and licences... until now. We have built a system that can be used by people with standard programming and business skills, the system that makes prototyping rapidly fast and inexpensive. We believe we're here to disrupt the industry and make IoT development available for everyone.

Simon Piekarz

Core Values

We made everything possible to connect three things that makes a difference.


We want all our products to be as simple as can be. We constantly work on making things simpler and what you see is just a beginning.


We want people to be creative and build devices that will support business ideas for a price that couldn't be reached before


Smablo was built by Engineers for Engineers. We believe that making something easier doesn't mean making it worse.